Services 1


Identifying the right talents for a role, and nurturing them into achieving personal and corporate goals. It applies for education industry, hiring industry, training industry, and business solutions.

MyCorp Profile (Execution, Leadership, Management, Systems): Working Adults.

To help internal staffs identify their strength and potential at workplace, where they are able to hit their goals by doing the right way.

MyCareer Profile (Job Seekers Or Employers): Graduating Students And Fresh Graduates

To help undergraduates and fresh graduates who are entering the workforce seek and pursue the right jobs, where they learn the ropes on being a great leader and climbing the corporate ladder.

MyEdu Profile (Pre-school, Primary, Secondary, Private, International, Tertiary): Kids.

To help young kids who are entering the education world and would like to understand what their strength in studying, self-confidence, and the focus point in study is, where they learn the right way to learn, do and grow.

MyBiz Profile (All industry): Business Owner.

To help owners to understand their director team mapping, and how to manage the relationship well with current management line-up.

Services 2

Technology Solution

Understanding a client’s preferences and interests, to improve and digitalize their company. We provide technology solution to shorten and quicken the process time of operation. We are able to customize a simple software to elevate the time frame in completing a task.

App Development

We assist business owners in digitizing their business with their company personalized app development where they are able to create a loyalty platform for their client.

Wechat Official Account

We are able to help business owners who are venturing into the China market by registering an official account for Wechat. We specially design the features and templates to ensure it is accessible for businesses in China.

Services 3


We train and build trainers, coaches and educators to understand the uniqueness of human behaviour and potential. They can use our toolkit, methods and games to train their clients.

Certified Master Coach

In this category of coach, the training company will be our master reseller in that industry, therefore any companies who has clients all around Malaysia (or at least 3 major regions) falls in the designated industry, will be qualified to train. The coach will also has his own signature program designed by us.

Certified Coach

In this category of coach, the trainer / training company (if have) will be our authorized reseller in all industry, therefore any companies who need debriefing training, the coach will be lined up accordingly.

Debrief Coach

In this category of coach, the individual able to debrief the profile report to the end user in a structured way and a proven style of debriefing. They can assist and lead their team towards success as well.


Services 4

Reseller Program

We are seeking partnership to distribute our profile system to the businesses in Malaysia, Singapore, China, Indonesia and Thailand.

Master Reseller

In this category, the master reseller and a certified master coach will be the sole reseller and coach in his designated industry. They are entitled the reseller price. He will design a program for the market of his industry.

Authorized Reseller

In this category, the authorized reseller will be our channel partner to distribute the profiling system. They are entitled the reseller price.